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Bank and Credit Union ratings are provided FREE on the website. Simply click on the appropriate box above to look up the rating of your financial institution(s).

If you need more information than the current star-rating, Bauerís reports start at just $10 and you are sure to find the information you need.

You work for a Government Agency/Municipality? Bank? Credit Union? We have reports that were designed especially for you.

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The top CD rates at some of the nationís strongest banks can be found on the Consumer and Corporate CD Rate Pages for FREE.

If you need more banks to choose from, click the Jumbo Rate News tab.

Either way, you handle the transactions yourself. No middleman or broker fees. Just you and the bank to help you reach your goals faster.

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Many reports are available for immediate download; simply look for the red.

Most other reports and/or books will be mailed (or emailed) by the end of the next business day. Your choice.

Customized Reports and mailing lists may take up to 2 business days.

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Whether youíre an Officer, a Director or an employee, Bauer has reports designed to let you know exactly how your institution fares in comparison to your peers as well as compliance reports.

Did you earn a 5-Star rating or 4-Star rating in the latest quarter? Find out the many ways to use that rating to your advantage.

...Because peace of mind matters.


On March 6, 2017, the board of directors of *****Eagle Savings Bank, Cincinnati, OH  announced plans to convert from a mutual to a stock form of ownership. The difference: a mutual is owned by its depositors and is free to reinvest its profits back into itself whereas a stock institution is owned by shareholders, many of whom are depositors, but not all.    (read more) 

Page 7 contains a list of the 50 largest mutual banks as of year-end 2016. - immediate download just $25.

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